‘Cultured systems’ is an attempt find an elegant English translation of a phrase from the title of Boris Arbatov’s 1925 essay ‘Byt i kultura veshchi, or ‘Everyday life and the culture of the thing’. ‘Cultured systems’ isn’t a very acurate translation of ‘kultura veshchi’, but I hope it captures the idea Arbatov expresses in his article, that our culture doesn’t just include people, but also the system of objects and machines that build it with us. Arbatov’s radical thesis seems increasingly plausible, if not obvious, in our world of interactive, communicative objects (and the hidden systems which enable them).

Cultured Systems is a blog about software development, about writing code and getting it to run. That is, about building the systems that we, and our comrade cultured objects, live within.

Cultured Systems is written by Tim Fisken, a software developer based in London.

This web site is built with Jekyll and is based on the Hyde theme.